Embraer: Beacon

Connecting flight operators with

on-demand maintenance

Embraer's innovation arm collaborated with Work & Co to design, brand, and launch Beacon, a new platform targeting a widespread problem in the aviation industry.

When an unscheduled maintenance issue grounds an aircraft away from its operator's base airport, costly delays are sure to follow, disrupting a series of flights.

Beacon connects operators with a localized network of certified maintenance providers that can vastly accelerate a grounded aircraft’s safe return to service.

The platform facilitates reporting and managing aircraft issues, assigning and communicating with maintenance assets, time tracking and final sign-off.

We designed and built a suite of responsive templates for the operator-facing web app, as well as technician-facing native iOS & Android apps.

Beacon is currently in open beta. 🔧


Lead Product Designer

UX & visual design

User research


Felipe Memoria

Francesco Bertelli

Joris Rigerl

Seth Terpstra